A Brief T Shirt History of Polo Shirts

A polo shirt has so far been a simple necessity in most men’s closets, but has still, over time, won its spot as a fashion staple. You might have been hard-pressed to locate a man who does not have at least four or five of these convenient and comfortable pieces. Wise and sporty, this design symbol is infinitely flexible, which is why it might be your greatest ally.

The first Polo shirts dated from the 19th century are titled after the polo sport, originating in India, worn first by British Army. Previously, polo shirts were mostly made of heavy, long-sleeved cotton and appeared like every other shirt except with one important exception – the collars were modified such that they’d be buttoned down to avoid flapping when galloping riding horseback!

This transition was witnessed by John E Brooks, itself the grandson of Brooks Brothers’ founder. He soon realized the bottomed collars’ promise and applied Brooks Brothers’ dress t shirt similarly. Now called ‘the far more imitated piece in design history,’ the Brooks Brothers also believe that these buttoned-down shirts become the initial polo shirts.

Sports and Polo Dress

To further get under the polo shirt’s surface as the path through our hearts and closets, we need to look at the important changes that have taken place between every polo shirt and the sporting environment. Predetermined Henry Lacoste played a vital role in the polo shirt’s progression and transformation just like we know it today. Upon rolling up his shirts to play tennis, Lacoste moved on to shorten the sleeve full, giving birth to a new dawn of comfortable, functional sportswear.

This concept was taken up by yet another tennis star, Fred Perry, who once again modified the white tennis polo shirt through stitching it in his iconic emblem instead of ironing it. As teens in the 1950s took the polo shirt only as a fashion item, trends began to pick up. By the 1970s, Ralph Lauren used the polo shirt becoming his trademark item, clearly naming his latest casual wear business ‘Polo.’

The Polo Shirt of the 21st Century

Enough from the past, however. Let’s pass on rapidly to the 21st century and now the guy of today. For too many polo shirts, including brands to pick from, how can you probably decide what to select and how one can wear it? At Mr Draper, we’re here only to give you these all suggestions and feedback you might like on all polo topics. So, let’s take a deep breath and plunge into the indispensable guide to men’s polo shirts alone, but first of all, let’s take a peek at how often Fred Perry has improved.

The best thing regarding the current polo shirt is that it fits ALL body shapes, enhancing the pieces you want to expose while secretly trying to hide the parts you might be less interested in. A polo shirt often suits well (unless it’s too big) and binds itself well with other pieces, such as a jumper or a blazer. Plus, there’s a whole variety of options to fit both budgets. There’s a polo shirt somewhere for everybody, from the manufacturer to the high street, if you look in the right places.